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Tourist ticket

  • Tourist ticket

    Tourist ticket

Tourist ticket and mini tourist ticket is an excellent choice for those traveling on weekends, because it entitles to  multiple number of journeys between 6 pm on the business day immediately preceding holidays until 6 am of the first working day following holidays.

It thus allows travel from 6 pm on Friday until 6 am on Monday (validity period starts from the date indicated on the ticket). An undoubted advantage is the ability to use the offer on the so-called. "Long weekends" then the validity of the ticket also covers holidays directly adjacent to the weekend.

Tourist ticket entitles to travel by POLREGIO trains operated by Przewozy Regionalne and also trains operated by other carriers: Arriva RP, Koleje Dolnośląskie KD, Koleje Śląskie KS, Koleje Wielkopolskie KW, Koleje Małopolskie KMŁ and Łodzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna ŁKA, which in practice allows you to travel over almost whole Poland.

Tourist ticket sold at a flat rate of 45.00 PLN - is only valid on REGIO category trains Arriva RP trains (except for special trains), KD, KS, KW, KMŁ and ŁKA.

Mini Tourist ticket is on an offer for those traveling only by REGIO category train operated by Przewozy Regionale, but at a very favorable price.

Mini Tourist ticket sold at a flat rate of 39.00 PLN - is only valid on REGIO category trains.


Holders of the tourist ticket and mini tourist ticket can travel on selected routes beyond the Polish borders. Detailed lists of routes, on which these tickets are accepted are described in the International Offers section for Czech Republic and Germany.

Tarrif conditions for travel with tourist ticket and mini torusit ticket (valid from 1.09.2015 r.) - Extract from the Tariff (TPR)

Added: 02.09.2015

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